Leina’ala and her flying fishes

Leina’ala and her flying fishes

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48”X48” Acrylic and Posca markers on canvas

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So, here is the story, around 1985 I fell in love with a logo, might sound kind of stupid, unless if your life revolves around images, like me. That logo meant everything good and pleasant: Beauty, Hawaii, Aloha, Surf, Warmth, in other words: LIFE, about a year ago while sitting on the Lanai at the Billabong house, we got into a conversation with Kawika Drummond as we watched the Pipe Masters finals. He told me his family story and suddenly that logo became part of our conversation, it turns out that his mom inspired the Hawaiian Airlines logo. Almost a year went by and that kept circling on my mind, Leina’ala, the Hawaiian lady that saw another Hawaii, one with less highways and more palm trees, one with no plastic and plenty fish in the water. All those thoughts came across my mind last week, as I started this painting inspired in that beautiful lady that I’ve never met. “Leina’ala and her flying fishes” 48×48”Acrylics and Posca con canvas #HawaiianAirlines#Surfarthawaii #surfartist #surfart Posca Life Custom


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