But I'm a Buyer, not a seller!

Although Artsellers.com may seem on the surface to be a vehicle for sellers only, we obviously couldn't succeed without you buyers out there. By searching in the Private Art Sales, you will find access to one of the largest data bases of art for sale in the United States. And you know all about this particular group of people. They have reached out to us to try to sell their art, They are motivated sellers! If you hate to pay a retail market price for anything, Artsellers.com is the place for you. Simply search through the listings for the artist[s] that you've just got to have, take a look at the photo, and E-Mail or call us for further information.

Outside the US

Many times the works of artists can be acquired only in locations outside of the US, or at such attractive prices which may make any inherent complication of dealing outside our borders well worth the small additional time and complication. Bid on an item in an auction in France, or Vienna, or Taiwan, or Singapore!