Edgar Dega

        Edgar Degas (19 July 1834 27 September 1917), born Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas , was a French artist famous for his work in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing. He is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism although he rejected the term, and preferred to be called a realist. A superb draughtsman, he is especially identified with the subject of the dance, and over half his works depict dancers. These display his mastery in the depiction of movement, as do his racecourse subjects and female nudes. His portraits are considered to be among the finest in the history of art.

Early in his career, his ambition was to be a history painter, a calling for which he was well prepared by his rigorous academic training and close study of classic art. In his early thirties he changed course, and by bringing the traditional methods of a history painter to bear on contemporary subject matter, he became a classical painter of modern life

 Mlle    Natallie Wolkonska

          1860 -1861

Size: 13 x 10 inches
Year: 1860-61
Reference #: Reed-Shapiro 11
Description: Only State-cancelled plate



Loge    D'Actrices


Medium: Etching & Aquatint
Size: 10 x 13 inches
Year: 1879-80
Edition: Fifth state
Reference #: Reed-Shapiro 50



  La Sortie du   Bain


Medium: Drypoint & Aquatint
Size: 12 x 10 inches
Year: 1879-80
Reference #: Reed-Shapiro 42a



            Danseuses dans la Coulisse


Medium: Etching, aquatint & drypoint
Size: 14 x 11 inches
Year: 1876-77
Edition: Eighth state
Reference #: Reed-Shapiro 47






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