Joanna Zjawinska

           Joanna Zjawinska was born in a small Polish mining town in 1950. She began to paint at age six. From an early age Zjawinska wanted to pursue a career in art, but her parents, fearing that she would not be able to make a career as an artist, discouraged her. To please her parents, Zjawinska decided to study architecture. She earned a B.A. from the School of Architecture in Warsaw in 1972. After this, however, she decided to follow her personal vision. She enrolled in the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where she perfected her unique style of oil and watercolor painting. Zjawinska received her Master of Fine Arts degree (with honors) in 1978. Zjawinska's talent was such that she was quickly successful in Europe, and her first exhibition in the United States took place in 1975 at the Polish Institute of Art in New York City. In 1979 she moved to the United States, first living in New York, and then moving to San Francisco. Her unique personal vision and distinct style quickly struck a chord among American connoisseurs and collectors. Zjawinska's world is feminine: a seductive world of restrained passion, of a smoldering sensuality needing just a spark to burst into open flame.

"Nothing Is Ever What It Seems To Be"

Limited edition 1995 serigraph, 107/250

33x40 inches

Museum Framed and Matted


About the artwork... (from the brochure)

Nothing is ever what it seems to be - especially in Joanna Zjawinska's world of the aristocratic and the chic. Beneath the elegant facades of satins, silks and velvets rush currents of passion, craving and temptation. The intention of the glance passed between teh auburn-haired gent and the svelte blonde goddess can only be gussed at, but the electricity in the air is unmistable. Hand on hip, the lady beckons, in a stance designed to accentuate her curves. With the thin strap of her black gown creeping southward past her shoulder, she is an alluring vision. Is this woman extending an invitation, or returning from a tryst slightly askew? The interpretation is open. Nothing is ever what it seems to be....




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