Richard Bunkall

1953 - 1999   Always drawn to the aesthetic of building forms, Richard Bunkall, began sketching from a perch on the sixtieth floor of a New York high-rise and painting his interpretations. He appreciates not only the magnitude, but also the spiritual inspiration which motivates such sublime structures as Stonehenge and the Flatiron Building. Whether it be a Greek temple of the Empire State Building, in these constructions man confronts his desire to create something more permanent than himself.

          He captures the muted light which labors to reach the floor of a dense city.  These paintings reflect Nineteenth Century Romanticism. His work is an intricate synthesis of ideas displaying command of technique and style. There is a reverence in his examination of manís creations and an awareness of the spirit contained therein. Richard Bunkall has developed an original and compelling treatment of the cityscape and of Realism.


Title Medium Price Image
Four O'Clock Tea


Oil on Canvas

30 by 40 inches



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