1935 - Bulgarian-born American sculptor, printmaker and experimental artist, famous for his Environmental Art and ` empaquetage ‘ technique, involving packaging or wrapping different objects with materials like plastic and canvas.

          He gained instant recognition when he carried out the large-scale wrappings of buildings such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Kunsthalle, Berne and Reichstag, Berlin. He recently received worldwide recognition for his Gates project in New York´s Central Park.


   Wrapped Floors


  Mixed Media Lithograph

        22by 28 inches

         Hand Signed

 Orange Store Front


Mixed Media Lithograph

14 by 10 inches

           Hand Sign



                    Package on Carozza



 Mixed Media   Lithograph   

       22 by 28 inches

 Hand Signed         


        Wrapped     Building,Project

for #1 Times Square.1991


Mixed Media Lithograph    

      39 by 25 inches

     Hand Signed                 




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