Master Works

Agam     Square Waves

Size: 6'' by 6''  1989


“Square Waves” is a dynamic, kinetic sculpture that consists of three parts: Sculpture body, moving system and electrical system.  The sculpture body is made of brilliantly polished stainless steel squares, which move (like waves) at fixed time intervals.  It has 9 squares that fit inside each other.  This sculpture body sits on a large table-like metal base with the moving system and electrical system housed in the underside of this base.



Odilon Redon   “Head of Christ”

24 x 18 inches, oil on canvas

$ 216,000

Gustav Achile Guillaumett

"Caravane dans le Sahara Algerian”

11 x 14 inches, Oil on Canvas. Signed lower left

$ 19,800














The origin of these wooden lions is Ning Bo Town, Zhejiang Province, China.

    They were carved out of hard redwood over a century ago. The artwork is so delicate that it took a team of twenty Chinese craftsmen one year to complete them.

A great deal of artists’ patience and professionalism is evident in details of these works of art.

The dimensions are impressive: the actual lions are approx. 32"wide x 46" deep x48"high. The bases are 36" high for a total of approx. 7ft high













Virgin Mary

Statue, crc. 50 pounds, H-24, W-12, D-11inches


The Statue was found crc 1996 in Montel, Texas. The story goes that the mission hid all the belongings outside their mission, so that the Indians who were ready to attack would not end up with them. All the goods of the mission were buried from the Indians. The statue was found under an old miner's shack.



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