Andrea Smith

         Smith has been painting for more than 30 years, and she continues to produce vibrant colors and beautiful journeys that express her passion for peace- peace within and its result, peace on the planet. "It's about knowing our connection to all creation," she says, "appreciating that love is born of compassion and forgiveness, and understanding that in order to receive love, we need to give it." Indeed, her paintings are visual meditations of this statement, spoken in a universal language, conveying a universal message for humanity. Smith's work can be found in prominent art collections around the globe, including: Russian Children's Bibliotech Library, Moscow, Russia; Pereslavl Museum, Pereslavl, Russia; Rodrigo Carazo, former President, Costa Rica; the Center for Attitudinal Healing, San Francisco; Japan Travel Bureau, Tokyo; and the Pearson Art Foundation, Des Moines, Iowa. Her paintings have appeared in one-woman shows in dozens of prestigious exhibitions, including: Forbes Gallery, Oyster Bay, New York; World Vision, Los Angeles; ArtExpo, New York and Los Angeles; Ron Segal Gallery, Seattle, Washington; "Art of Emotional Healing," Cairo, Egypt; and Images International, Bethesda, Maryland.


Title Medium Price Image
Spiritual Growth Mixed Media

54 by 76 inches


Unfulfillment Mixed Media POR

unfullfillment.jpg (74182 bytes)

Together Mixed Media SOLD

together.jpg (81017 bytes)

The Mystic Mixed Media POR

themystic.jpg (75848 bytes)

Surmounted by wisdom Mixed Media POR

surmountedbywisdom.jpg (90954 bytes)

Rainbow Healers Mixed Media $6500.00

rainbowhealers.jpg (87313 bytes)

Rainbow Blend Mixed Media POR

rainbowblend.jpg (73883 bytes)

Peace through self reflection Mixed Media POR

peacethruselfreflection.jpg (81964 bytes)

Paradise Together Mixed Media POR

paradisetogether.jpg (77452 bytes)

Nurturing Mixed Media SOLD

nurturing.jpg (82428 bytes)

Untitled Mixed Media POR

notitlec.jpg (56393 bytes)

Breath of Life Mixed Media SOLD

notitleb.jpg (73644 bytes)

Untitled Mixed Media POR

notitlea.jpg (75294 bytes)

Mother and child of love Pastel & Mixed media  $11,000.00

motherandchildoflove.jpg (88685 bytes)

Mankind hold vision and peace Mixed Media SOLD

mankindholdvisionpeace.jpg (43621 bytes)

Embracing Peace Mixed Media SOLD

embracingpeace.jpg (96512 bytes)

Balancing in phys and spirit Pastel and mix media SOLD

balancinginphysandspirit.jpg (78574 bytes)




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