Peter Bianchi

            Peter Bianchi's reputation is International and his paintings have been exhibited throughout the world. His artistic family dates to the eleventh century. In 1958, Bianchi was sought out by the National Geographic Society''s President, Dr. Melville Belle Grosvenor, Sr., to leave his free-lance artistic career to join the Geographic Staff --as Dr. Grosvenor put it--"for life." It was here that Bianchi was responsible for painting the life of the Essenes--the ancient peoples who wrote what has been considered the world's most important and intriguing archeological find of the century, "The Dead Sea Scrolls." In 1959 Bianchi did, in fact, join the Staff of the National Geographic Society. Here his paintings depicting the Anasazi culture, ancestors of the modern day Hopi Indians, and other pre-Columbian Indian cultures, were brought to the attention of well over eleven million Geographic subscribers world wide.  1920 - 2000







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