Howard Chandler Christy


         Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952) was born on Meigs Creek in Morgan County, Ohio, on 10 January 1873 to Francis Marion Christy and Mary Matilda Bone Chandler Christy.  At the age of two his family moved to a farm near Duncan Falls in Muskingum County.  Christy’s parents encouraged his early artistic endeavors.  At three he was already sketching animals and by four his father purchased him his first set of watercolors.  Young Christy showed little interest in academics and left school at the age of twelve to work on his family’s farm.  His favorite pastimes revolved around the Muskingum River, where he sketched, painted, fished, and rode the steamboats.

          In 1890, Christy took $100 in savings and $200 from his parents and set off for New York City to pursue a career as an artist.  He enrolled in the fall and spring semesters of 1890-91 at the Art Students League and studied under the noted painter William Merritt Chase.  Christy’s funds ran out and he soon returned to Ohio.  By 1892 Christy had earned additional funds from farm work, and combined with a loan from a wealthy relative, he was able to return to New York continue his studies at the West Tenth Street Studio of Chase.  These art classes spanned two and a half years, including two summers in Shinnecock, Long Island, where Chase emphasized out-door drawing and painting of landscapes and seascapes.  In 1893 Christy also entered the National Academy of Design and won two prizes in draftsmanship.

          During his early years as an art student, Christy developed a keen admiration for illustrators such as Edwin Austin Abbey and Howard Pyle.  Mechanical techniques for illustration and color reproduction were rapidly developing in the 1890’s; consequently, a demand for magazine illustrators was on the rise.  Christy realized that illustrations were more marketable than painting


After Thoughts!!

Painted 1902   24 by 30 inches

Painting is in Excellent Condition  Finished Watercolor



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