"Manuel Garza"


          One of the premier landscape artist of the Texas Hill Country working today, Manuel's trademark Redbird (found in each painting), his exacting detail, down to the last flower or rock, make each spring or autumn landscape come alive with photographic realism.

         Manuel is a self taught artist who has studied the works of Porforio Salinas and Robert Wood in the museums and galleries of Texas. His studio is filled with sketches and photos that result from the long hikes in the fields of bluebonnets in the spring, and from walks along the riverbanks in the fall as he looks for sightings of the Texas wildlife that appears so often in his paintings.

          His works can be found in the homes and offices of discriminating collectors of Western Art, among whom are John Connally, Lady Bird Johnson, Dolph Brisco and many others.

          Garza, a native Texan, grew up in a family of migrant workers, traveling throughout the United States. He acquired his love for the land while working in the field. His mother first noticed his talent when he was a child. She encouraged him to stay in school, where he attended his only art classes. Garza paints with extreme attention to detail, usually including small wildlife in each picture. His paintings are in the collections of many prominent collectors of Texas and Western landscapes.
All paintings are available for sale and the owner is accepting offers for the pieces!!!

Garza's paintings were southwestern landscapes.

All featured a tiny bird, insect, etc. that is done in fine detail and can be tough to find. This painting has 2 quails in the foreground.

This is an 8 by 10 inch oil on canvas.





Almost all of Howell's work featured bright sun-lit southwestern desert motifs. This painting features a deep forest with sunlight streaming through.

The signature characters in this painting are a pair of cardinals. In a conversation with the artist, he told me that he did this unusual (for him) painting when he was in a down mood, thus the dark setting as opposed to his usual bright settings.

This is a 15 by 20 inch oil on canvas.





This Manuel Garzal landscape features a tiny monarch butterfly as his signature character. (This is not in lieu of his actual signature which also appears.)

This is an 8 by 10 inch oil on canvas.









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