Richard Guino


           Richard Guino was born on May 26, 1890 at Girone (Catalonia) Spain. He died on February 2, 1973 at Anthony (Haut de Seine), France. He entered the Art school of Girone (Spain) before being noticed by Maillol in 1910. As one of Maillol's student he participated to the creation of the sculptures "Les Quatre Saisons" while attending "L'Académie Ranson", an art school in Montmartre. He worked as well for Maurice Denis in the execution of two bas-reliefs for the Théatre des Champs Elysées. As Maillol claimed to be the spiritual son of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, when Vollard (the art dealer of Renoir and Maillol) needed an assistant for Renoir, it is Guino that they choose to help the master in the realization of its sculptural projects.In 1913 Richard Guino started on several of Renoir's sculptural projects in Essoyes (Renoir country residence). Some of these projects remained unfinished as Guino left Renoir's employment in 1918.


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Women with Mirror


Limited Edition




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