Brad Howe

         Brad Howe is a Los Angeles based artist who began his sculpture career in Brazil. As a student of International Relations at Stanford University, he attended the University of Sao Paulo to specialize in Brazilian Affairs, which led to the discovery of art and architecture. His first exhibitions were in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. To date he has exhibited in over sixteen countries worldwide and his work is in collections in over 32 countries. His career has been international from the beginning, as much in the aesthetic influences that shaped his artistic language as well as the wide-ranging places and art communities he has sought to engage with his sculptures. In September of 1999, the book “SERIOUS EXUBERANCE” was published internationally, examining over ten years of Howe’s work.

         Brad Howe’s most recent works include a continuing series of monumental sculpture commissions for the City of Los Angeles, M.I.T. in Cambridge, MA, the Georgia International Convention Center and an eighteen foot stainless steel sculpture for a corporate client in Biberach, Germany. He also maintains a schedule of international exhibitions, most recently, in France and Germany.

        Brad is presently completing his new sculpture studio on his property in Malibu where he lives with his wife, Alice and daughter, Bruna.





   Original Mobile

    Stainless Steel

  10 feet by 10 feet







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