Vladimir Kush

            When Moscow-born artist Vladimir Kush was a child of three or four, he would sit on his father's lap and finish drawings that his father began. "My father was a scientist specializing in differential equations, but everyone on his side of the family used to draw all the time," he recalls. By the time Kush was seven, he was attending two schools--a regular one for the first half of the day and a special art school until 9:00 p.m.

        At fourteen, when miraculously "into my hand fell oil paints," he painted a picture that was to prove personally prophetic. "Having never seen an ocean, I painted a huge wave, a typhoon on the Pacific, with palm trees bent under a wind blowing along a sandy coast. It was so beautiful and vivid," he recalls. "I was certain that what I had painted was Hawaii, and that I had reached my 'promised land." In 1987, after study at the Moscow Art Institute and a mandatory stint in the Soviet military, he began exhibiting with the Union of Artists. He preferred to paint in a Surrealism-influenced style but kept money in his pocket by drawing political caricatures for a newspaper and painting portraits on the streets of Moscow.

         In 1990 he had his first foreign exhibition in a small town in Germany with two other Russian artists. While his compatriots, happy with the success of the exhibition, returned to their native land, Kush felt it was "now or never!" and jumped aboard a plane headed for Los Angeles. "I flew on it with twenty paintings and my Big Dream." It has taken time, patience, and persistence for his dream to materialize. For a while he was able to rent a small home garage, a virtual oven in the Los Angeles sun, in which to paint. But he could find no gallery to display his paintings and again had to earn money by drawing portraits, this time on the pier in Santa Monica. Finally, he spent all he had on a one-way ticket to Hawaii, sleeping nights on a public bench in Santa Monica until the day of departure arrived.

Descent to Mediterranean

Giclee on Canvas, 23/250, 34 by 50 inches

$ 2,400


Together in Time

Giclee on Canvas, 37/500, 23 1/2 by 30 1/2 inches


Horn of Babel

Giclee on Canvas, 11/250, 50 by 61 inches

$ 2,400

To the Safe Heaven

Giclee on Canvas, 49/325, 41 by 29 1/2 inches

$ 1,900


Metaphorical Journey

Giclee on Canvas, 179/250, 103 by 47 inches

$ 22,000


Measure of Greatness

Giclee on Canvas, 36/250, 30 by 36 inches

$ 1,800


Genealogy Tree

Giclee on Canvas, 52/250, 50by 61 1/2 inches

$ 8,000

Garden of Eden

Giclee on Canvas, 20/325, 20 by 23 1/2 inches

$ 1,500

Star Target

Giclee on Canvas, 28/225, 24 1/2 by 26 1/2 inches

$ 900





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