Christian Riese Lassen

          Christian Riese Lassen - Hawaii's Master Artist of the Sea. Raised on the Island of Maui, Christian Lassen has translated his love of the ocean into some of the most beautiful and popular works of art the world has ever known. Collected by a host of famous art lovers and commissioned by such institutions as the United Nations and the Walt Disney Company, this young painter is one of the best selling artists in history, with a tremendous following in both American and International markets.



Title Medium Price Image

West Maui Evening

Oil on Canvas $45,000


classentb.jpg (10086 bytes)


"SORCEROR OF THE SEA" Limited Edition



$ 5.500

Dolphin Quest 2 Oil on Canvas POR


dolqu2tb.jpg (9232 bytes)


Sacred Falls," Hana" Oil On Canvas $30,000


sfhtb.jpg (3181 bytes)


Impressions of Midnight Glazing Technique, on Masonite

40" X60"




Island Dawn

Art on Canvas




West Maui     Daybreak


Spreckesville, And Pearls Of Paridise



Hana, Maui 1981

Oil on Masonite




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