Ruth Mayer

Ruth is an Artist by birth she will tell you ... Ruth is known for her multitudes of diverse painting styles, whose scope of interests knows no bounds. First time visitors to Ruth Mayer Galleries, are startled to learn the body of work is one artist, ranging from Cityscapes, Portraits, Surrealism, Realism, Abstract, Impressionism, Fantasy, Landscapes, Seascapes, Sports. Her repertoire is virtually limitless. A highly unusual character to possess in a world intent on assigning an identity niche to all things in the digital age. Clearly Ruth Mayer commands her freedom, to explore, and interpret the experiences of life on her own terms. She earned a Master's Degree in Art History, that undoubtedly left its mark upon her imagination.

Norian's Wave

Embellished Giclee , 45 by 58  inches


Avalon Blue



Big Apple

Giclee on Canvas 76 by 41 inches


Norian's Wave



Catalina Crew



Catalina Heaven

Giclee on Canvas, 6/100, 39 by 19 1/2  inches





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