Leonardo Nierman

         Born in 1932 - Leonardo Nierman's paintings vibrantly come to life as they capture the intensity and spontaneity of the dynamic forces that rule both nature and the cosmos. With swirling whirlpools of color, darting flame-like wisps, and brilliant hues as dazzling as a sun, they are dramatic in their representation of that which is unchallenged, though perhaps not quite understood. His full career includes numerous distinctions, awards, and exhibitions. He has painted murals for the School of Commerce of the University City in Mexico,1956; the "Golden West Savings" in San Francisco, 1965; and the Princeton University Physics Building,1969. Mr.Nierman's more recent One-Man shows include those at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City in 1972; and in 1973, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogota, Columbia, the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, the Wally F. Galleries in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Madrid, and the Tucson Art Center.

Title Medium Price Image
City Lights


Acrylic on Board

16 by 24 inches    






Acrylic on Board

16 by 24 inches




 Winds of Springtime

Acrylic on Board

24 by 32 inches




Ocean Mist Acrylic on Board $4,995  



Firebird 3

Acrylic on Masonite













949-338-4777 (cell)


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