Igor Smirnov

        Igor Smirnov, a son of famous Russian landscape artist Vasili Smirnov, began to paint in his childhood. Eventually, he developed his own unique style of “symbolic realism.” It bears no resemblance to either socialistic realism or any of the numerous avant-garde ‘isms’ of the twentieth century. Smirnov’s works are recognizable by their distinctive framework and color structure that create the impression of stained glass or enamel along with a feeling of mystery. A precise linear framework that prevents the transformation of the painting’s surface into chaos of colors contributes to this effect. The assurance and boldness of lines recalls the works of Picasso done between 1910 and 1920. But the resemblance to the famous cubist artist ends there. Smirnov is not interested in the analytical division of objects into their components. His method is really the opposite. It is the melding of forms rather that their destruction, harmony, not dissonance. People, beasts, birds, fish, fruits, flowers, art objects, everything is united by the beauty of Igor Smirnov’s harmonious fantasy world that stands before us like the embodiment of music in line and color.

       Igor Smirnov began his art career at the College of Fine Art. Then he obtained M.S. in Engineering & Design at the Naval Academy, where his rich depth as an artist was enhanced by the knowledge of geometric forms and proportions. Later he spent two years restoring priceless icons and paintings at the Russian Museum and Museum of Urban Sculptures in St. Petersburg, Russia. From the early 1980’s he participated in the movement of non-conformist or “underground” art in former Soviet Union. This movement attracted considerable attention in the United States and in Europe. The art works of Igor Smirnov were presented at the most popular “underground” art shows in St.Petersburg, Moscow and Germany in 1982-1988.

       Igor Smirnov’s art works attracted the attention of John Whitehead, the US Deputy Secretary of State, when he visited Moscow in December of 1987 in preparation for the meeting between President Reagan and Soviet leader Michail Gorbachev. Following Mr. Whitehead’s personal request to Soviet Foreign Minister Mr. Shevardnadze, the artist got permission to immigrate to the United States and happily settled in California enjoying the benefits and stimulation of a new environment.Since that time Igor Smirnov gained world wide recognition with his paintings displayed in museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Russia.

Flying Over The City

mix media/paper

40 by 30 inches














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