Paul Wegner

       A renowned sculptor, Paul Wegner has established himself as a powerful force in the artistic community. Wegner's culture-driven and sometimes lighthearted pieces are hugely popular among statuette enthusiasts. What's more, they have helped establish his status as one of America's foremost sculptors

        Equal parts reality and social satire, Paul Wegner's sculptures are appreciated by both novice and experienced art lovers alike. Although his collection is certainly not genre restrictive, a majority of Wegner's pieces are inspired by the essence of jazz musicians. As a result, his work has received worldwide acclaim, including awards from the Blues Foundation.

        The great thing about Paul Wegner's sculptures is that no two are alike. While some represent humorous interpretations of jazz musicians and New Orleans flavor, others capture natural environments in their purest settings. In addition to sculpture, Wegner also creates decorative furniture such as glass and bronze coffee tables.

Bourbon Street Shuffle

Number 1/275






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