Jay Gale

Jay Gale

Works of Art


In his Gestalt Visions series,

Jay Gale starts with photographically based digital images that immediately capture the viewer’s attention in order to entice him or her into engaging the image up close.

“I want my art get more than just a perfunctory glance,” he commented. He accomplishes this by using strong geometric forms and vibrant colors or stark black and white. His art

is based upon the gestalt principle of closure, which contends that if enough of an incomplete shape or object is indicated, people perceive the whole by filling in the missing information.

His goal is to challenge the observer not to move on until his or her mind fits that last piece of the puzzle into place and figures out what it is he or she has been viewing. This transforms the

spectator into an active participant in the artistic process. Jay Gale was born in 1945 and raised in New York City. He attended Queens College and later received his doctorate in psychology

from the University of Tennessee. He began taking photographs when he was 8 years old on a “state of the art” Kodak Brownie camera and continued to develop that interest over the past

63 years. However, during the time he practiced as a clinical psychologist, photography remained only a serious hobby. Along with his practice, he wrote 4 books which have been published

on every continent except Antartica. Only since his retirement at the end of 2009 has he had sufficient time to embrace his passion for photography and redefine himself not as a

psychologist but as an artist. Even though his art is digitally based he admires the wisdom of Ansel Adams, the maestro of the photographic print, who said “Fine prints are like a musical

performance. The negative is the composer’s score and the print is the performance.” Jay loves taking creative photographs, but that only represents a fraction of his final creation. His

belief is that “in the twenty first century computer chips may have replaced film and the digital image may have superseded the negative but for me the visual symphony still resides in the

final print.”


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